Wednesday, January 14, 2009

UPDATE Jan 14 09

We received word back from Toyota the other day. They brought forth the problem and to date, the only solution Toyota has is the changing of the seals around the doors. Again, our dealer is great and they will be footing the bill for this. Our dealership, as well as ourselves, will be watching the results of the seals with anticipation.

Shutting off our electronic options for the doors and using them manually has helped a great deal. I will book my van into the shop for next week or the following week. From there, we will put the new seals to the test.

I'll keep updating as we go. Please, if you haven't contacted Toyota Canada to lodge a complaint, regarding difficulties with your doors, do so now. We will make sure our dealership follows this blog, so they can keep track of the information.

Thank you again to all who are bringing forth a complaint to Toyota Canada.