Saturday, February 7, 2009

February 6 2009

We had the new seals put on the van, two weeks ago. We haven't had tremendously cold weather, but I did put the car through the car wash, while temperatures were still above zero. At night, the temperature dropped to about -5 or so. I have turned all the electronics on for all the doors. So far, not even a hint of sticking. However, this is only two weeks into things. Once we have made it through the rest of the winter, we will have a better idea how this 'fix' really holds. So far, so good. I'll keep posting as we progress through the cold weather.

Here's to hoping this fixes the problem. I really enjoy my Sienna.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

UPDATE Jan 14 09

We received word back from Toyota the other day. They brought forth the problem and to date, the only solution Toyota has is the changing of the seals around the doors. Again, our dealer is great and they will be footing the bill for this. Our dealership, as well as ourselves, will be watching the results of the seals with anticipation.

Shutting off our electronic options for the doors and using them manually has helped a great deal. I will book my van into the shop for next week or the following week. From there, we will put the new seals to the test.

I'll keep updating as we go. Please, if you haven't contacted Toyota Canada to lodge a complaint, regarding difficulties with your doors, do so now. We will make sure our dealership follows this blog, so they can keep track of the information.

Thank you again to all who are bringing forth a complaint to Toyota Canada.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Toyota Sienna Frozen Doors

Frozen Doors on Sienna XLE Limited 2004, but other models too.

Dear Toyota Sienna Owners,

We purchased our lovely, Toyota Sienna, at the end of May of '08. We have been having none stop problems, since the weather turned cold, with our van doors freezing shut on us. As you can imagine, this has caused issues with lights not shutting off because the doors won't shut all the way which causes the battery to run down and a host of other frustrations.

We are scheduled, in the next couple of weeks, to take the van in again, and have new seals put on. We will obviously be putting them to the test.

We are dealing with a great dealer, but the service manager told us there just aren't enough Canadians complaining to get the attention of Toyota Canada.

On Jan. 8 of '09, there will be a meeting in Calgary, to discuss the issues, of cold weather related problems with Toyota vehicles. We have asked to have this issue brought forward. We will be contacted, after the meeting.

I have set up this blog to ask that any Canadians that are experiencing this problem, to please do two things.

First, I would like for you to phone Toyota Canada and file a complaint, to which they should issue you a file number, please keep that number. 1-888-TOYOTA-8 or 1-888-869-6828

Secondly, I would appreciate you making a comment in this post, regarding the year of your Sienna, and what's been happening to your doors, with as much details as you can. I will be forwarding all this information on to the Service manager who will be bringing this issue forward. If we get enough Canadian Sienna owners speaking up, perhaps we can get this problem resolved.

This is not just an annoyance issue, this is an issue of safety. Not being able to get children in and out of a vehicle in a safe manner is wrong.

Thank you to all who are taking the time to help make a difference.